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March - July 2016

Our isolation restrictions continue but are gradually lifted from March through June.  For the most part, we have to avoid strangers or anyone who might be sick, and Matt can't eat any foods that aren't prepared by us or someone we know.  We make the best of our restrictions by visiting with friends and family when they came to town or taking little road trips to visit them.  I give Matt his first haricut since he started chemo in August 2015, and he gets his second haircut a month or two later.  Matt goes grocery shopping for the first time in six months (and seems slightly confused navigating his way through the aisles).  He gets his first pediatric vaccine for his new immune system, only slightly before our goddaughter gets hers.  (Since the chemo destroyed all of Matt's blood, which was filled with cancer, he had to "grow" new blood from the donor's stem cells.  New blood means he has a new immune system, so he needs to get all his childhood vaccines again.)  Then we finally get the gift we had been waiting on for 8 months:  Matt has his PICC line removed and our isolation restrictions are finally lifted!  We get to eat out at restaurants again!  (No more burnt meals!)  We still have to visit the Cancer Center for outpatient treatment several times a week.

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