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Our food philosophy is all about balance.  We eat healthy, but eating healthy doesn't mean eating low fat, low carb, low flavor meals all the time.  Sure, we do eat some low fat, low carb meals too, but not really by design.  It's more of an indirect product of how we strive to eat:  Well-rounded, nutritious meals, that are rich in flavor. 


We've learned a lot from our journey through Matt's cancer diagnosis about what our bodies need and why -- and what we've come to discover is that our bodies need a variety of things from nutrition, to balance, to the meditative aspects that come with cooking and baking, to the satisfaction that comes with creating a delicious meal or pulling a beautiful loaf of bread from the oven, to the togetherness of eating as a family, to the joy that a meal rich in flavor brings.

In general, our food philosophy has been inspired by one of the best books I found when we were going through our journey:  Anticancer: A New Way of Life by David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD.  In it, Dr. Servan-Schreiber talks about the roles that different foods play in creating an environment in our bodies where cancer thrives or dies.  He also talks about the roles that external factors play -- like cultivating peace, happiness, and relaxation -- many of which can be achieved through the process of cooking and baking.

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