We originally started this blog as a way to stay connected to family and friends while we were in the hospital, but it has since grown into something much bigger than that.  It became a way for us to feel connected to the outside world at a time when we felt very isolated, and it became a way for us to share with others the realities of a cancer diagnosis -- from treatment to recovery to healing (physically and emotionally) to learning to discover life again post-cancer.


There's a lot we've learned (and are still learning) throughout this process and this blog has introduced us to so many people in the community and around the world.  Cancer has a way of making its victims feel very alone, but we want to break the silence and isolation that cancer inflicts on people, and we hope others will do the same.


Thank you for following our journey through cancer and life after cancer.  It means the world to us.


Matt & Dani

Blog Posts

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