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January - February 2016 

Our 100-day isolation period continues.  We have to avoid any exposure to germs, which means avoiding going out in public and keeping the house exceptionally clean.  Matt has to wear a face mask any time we leave the house.  We still visit the Cancer Center frequently for blood tests, treatments, IV infusions, and doctor appointments.  I continue administering some of his IV medications at home.  We move from the transplant housing to a one-bedrooom apartment across the street.  We buy second-hand furniture on Craigslist and my wonderful aunt cleans, sanitizes, and refurnishes it for us and helps decorate our apartment.  The apartment looks amazing, and we finally begin to feel like we have a home again.  Our 100-day isolation period is expected to end on February 18th, but Matt's immune system is not fully engrafted so the period is extended (meaning we still have to avoid strangers and other things that pose a germ risk). We drive to Santa Barbara to visit Matt's aunt and uncle instead.  We are able to break the isolation rules for one night to celebrate our one-year anniversary at a nice restaurant (under certain conditions).  It was special beyond words, and I had to keep myself from crying with happiness all day.  We receive one of the greatest gifts we could ever ask for:  we get to meet our new goddaughter!

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