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  • Matt Fontanesi

A Note from Matt on the Day of his Transplant

Today is nearly done. But my lease on life has just been renewed. I received my stem cell transplant courtesy my generous, compassionate, and beautiful sister.

I would also like to thank my wife, Danielle Christen, for her tireless vigil and interminable strength. She never leaves my side.

Next up is the long road of recovery and the many pitfalls, but soon enough we will return to the wonderful life that we've been living. I'm confident in that.

As things improve we will be able to acknowledge the wider world and figure out how we can repay the incredible outpouring of support that we have received. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our Go Fund Me Campaign, donated on Pay Pal or Venmo, promoted our story on ABC 10 and Yahoo NZ, and especially those of you who have reached out via email, Facebook, and our blog. The emotional support has been eye-opening and deeply gratifying. Thank you to everyone.

Note: Since writing this, we were also contacted by Tommy Livingston, a reporter for Fairfax Media in NZ, who published our story in Stuff and who has been following our journey ever since. Thanks so much for all your support, Tommy. We can't tell you how much we appreciate it.

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