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Hair vs. Chemo: The Legendary Battle

There was a very obvious question from the second we heard that chemo would be necessary: Is Chemo stronger than my legendary hair?

At first I lobbied to lose only back and chest hair but Dr. Bartels, my oncologist, said he wasn't sure he could promise that. A week in to Chemo, nothing. In fact I was dealing with a 2 week long beard and about 6 weeks since I'd had a haircut. It was getting unruly and felt like I was wearing a wool beanie while I was sleeping, exacerbating my discomfort during fevers.

One day in the ICU Dani was given an electric razor and some office scissors. My new do was much lighter and cooler, but it also meant it would be easier to tell if my hair was falling out.

Fast forward to Wednesday September 9, Dani was helping me shower and we noticed that a lot of my body hair was ending on the floor of the shower. Could this be a Christmas Miracle?

I went to bed curiously pleased. Dani and I were talking about it in the morning and she challenged me to grab a handful of my head hair and see what came out. A few hairs sat twisted between my thumb and forefinger. Better to leave well enough alone.

In the battle of Chemo v Matt's Hair, I think chemo is starting to win.

Before haircut:

During haircut:

After haircut:

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