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  • Dani Fontanesi

Date Night. Hospital Style.


You didn't think we'd give up our date nights, just because we're in the hospital, did you?

Well, we certaintly haven't!

The doctors want Matt to get out and walk everyday so his muscles don't atrophy, so for the first couple weeks that we were here (when he was still strong enough to walk), we would go on "date nights" once a day: we'd walk around the hospital halls for about 10 or 20 minutes, or as long as Matt had the energy.

He has to wear a mask when he leaves our hospital room to protect him from any germs since he has no immune system right now, so I wear a matching mask with him, which also protects me from germs so I don't bring anything back to the room either.

His white blood cell count has been at 0 for about a week now. It's expected to come back up once the chemo is out of his system.

We have to bring his IV machine with us on date night, but not even a blood transfusion can get in the way of our hubby and wifey time!

The nurses here have been so great, and they even label our water cups for us. :)

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