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Channel 10 ABC News clip

On Monday morning, the day before Matt was scheduled to have the transplant, we were contacted by Michael Chen at ABC News in San Diego. He heard about our story through our GoFundMe page and asked if he could interview us. (Click here to see the interview)

A few hours later, Michael came to the hospital and interviewed me just outside the hospital and spoke with Matt over FaceTime (he couldn't come in the hospital room due to the precautions in place to protect Matt's immune system).

We're so grateful for Michael reaching out to us, sharing our story, and helping us raise the money we need to get through the next year of this battle.

We can't thank all of you enough for the outpouring of love, support, and overwhelming generosity that you've shown us as we battle this awful disease. We cannot get through this journey alone -- it will take an army of people behind us -- but you have been the best support system we could possibly ask for.

Words cannot express how deeply appreciative we are, but please just know that we are grateful beyond words.

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