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December 2015 

We're released from the hospital and return to out outpatient housing.  We begin our "100 Days of Isolation" following the transplant.  Matt has to be protected from all germs while his new immune system develops, or "engrafts".  We're so grateful to finally be out of the hospital, but within a week, Matt spikes a fever and we're re-admitted for another week.  We're released again and then end up back in ER for a short period.  We're released again, and we get to celebrate our first Christmas together as husband and wife.  We still visit the Cancer Center several times a week for outpatient treatment, and I learn to administer some of Matt's medications at home through his PICC line. I try my hand at cooking (Matt has always been the chef in our relationship) and I fail miserably, burning (or otherwise ruining) meal after meal.  Thankfully, we have some very gracious friends and family who brought us some meals that we could actually enjoy.  We ring in 2016 with my best friend, and we all assure each other that 2016 will be a good year.

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