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September 2015 (cont.)

Matt continues to battle the effects of high-dosage chemo and tumor fevers and still receives frequent blood and platelet transfusions.  His muscles have atrophied and broken down from a month in a hospital bed and frequent rigors (violent shaking associated with the high fevers).  He has to try to rebuild his muscle strength and learn to walk again.  Once his fevers finally subside and he is stabilized again, we're released from the hospital for a few weeks of freedom before the next round of chemo.  We stay in patient and family housing since our home is 7,000 miles away in New Zealand and we no longer have a home to return to in San Diego.  We visit the hospital several times a week for blood and platelet transfusions, fliuds, and medicine, which Matt receives through the PICC line in his arm.  We celebrate his 34th birthday with friends and family.  His energy levels are really low, but we make the best of our few weeks of freedom, including going to his favorite beach in Del Mar where he grew up surfing.

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